1. Introducion

The FIVB ELECTRONIC INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER PROCEDURE MANUAL (the “Manual”) has been developed by the FIVB in order to make the ITC procedure more efficient and transparent for all parties – Federations, Clubs, FIVB Licensed Agents and Players. This relies on the responsibility of each party involved in the procedure.

The Manual supplements the FIVB Sports Regulations 2023 as well as the instructions provided in this Manual. In case of discrepancy, the FIVB Sports Regulations 2023 shall prevail.

Confederation responsibility

The five Confederations have been delegated by the FIVB the supervision of International Transfers within their jurisdiction since the 2010-2011 season. For International Transfers within a Confederation (for example, between two European National Federations), the Confederation in question shall be the supervisory body of procedure.

However, if there is an International Transfer from one Confederation to another (for example from a South American National Federation to an Asian National Federation) the FIVB is the governing body. The Administration fee payment will also follow this principle.

The ELECTRONIC INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER PROCEDURE has been in operation since 2010. Please be reminded of the following provisions of the FIVB Sports Regulations:


An ITC can be granted in accordance with the duration of the player’s contract with the Receiving Club for a period of up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive National League seasons. The starting and ending date of the transfer must be indicated on the ITC (transfer period). In any case, the ITC will finish fourteen days (14) before the start of the National Team season following the last season for which the ITC was approved unless the FIVB has approved the operation of the National League during the National Team period in which case it shall be the last day of the season.


National Leagues and Clubs are obliged to respect the conditions established in the ITC.


All Clubs are obliged to release players under FIVB ITC at least fourteen (14) days before the start of the National Team period to allow for a rest for the players and, subsequently, to play with their respective National Team during the National Team period unless otherwise approved by the FIVB.


ITCs, regardless of the transfer period stated, are suspended during the National Team period unless otherwise approved by the FIVB.

The FIVB kindly requests all parties to provide feedback should they feel that some aspects of the ITC procedures can be improved or something new added.

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